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We take it upon ourselves to understand the cattle business, from Cow/Calf to the Finishing Lot, in order to provide relevant and practical herd health solutions for our production clients. We believe cattle vets are uniquely positioned as liaisons between producers and the general public; a general public that is demanding assurance of food safety, responsible drug use, and animal welfare in our industry.

We want to develop a keen understanding of how your operation runs; forming a long term relationship with our clients is important to us.

The clinic is equipped with a standard chute, a tip table, isolation facilities which include individual heated calf boxes, and three mobile veterinary units for on farm work.


Our Services Include;


  • Herd Health Protocol Consultations

  • Vaccination Protocol Consultations

  • Reproduction Management; Pregnancy and Semen Testing

  • **Semen collection and freezing for "Owners Use Only"** New Service

  • Calving Complications

  • Hoof trimming

  • Scour Calf Treatment

  • Surgical Procedures

  • Exportations and Breeding Facility Requirements

 We also provide services for Dairy cattle and certain services for Bison as well.

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